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These are the best Netrunner web sites I am familiar with. Don't be upset if your site is not listed. It may mean I haven't seen it, or that my idea of a good site is different than yours. I'll update this page whenever I discover a new site that I really like. The last update was 11/11/98.


Original Content If a site has original articles about cards, tournament types, strategies, etc., I visit it regularly. Netrunner still needs tons of analysis, and it's really interesting to read. I also like tournament reports.

Presentation If a page looks good, I am more likely to return. That means clear, easy-to-read text; easy navigation of the links on a page; good grammar and focused writing.

Size Quick downloads are too important to ignore. Small graphics and simple backgrounds are superior.

Communication Chat forums, card sales, trading, and interaction are all great features of a Netrunner page.

Updates If you frequently change or add to your site, I will keep coming back to see what's new. If it stays the same for months, I am not likely to drop in and rehash the same information.

Advertisements If your Netrunner page is using free web space that forces advertisements, get a new ISP. Any decent ISP should provide you some web space with your account. Just say "no" to automatic commercials.

Best Pages

Rob's Netrunner Node Rob is back in the game. He's got a superb inventory of Netrunner singles. He'll deliver starters to your door at a great price. He has Chris Patterson's Netrunner card database, and he is working an exciting project to query the Netrunner mailing list archives. Don't miss this site.

The Netrunner Weekly One of the longest-running sites that is still regularly maintained. Matthias Nagy is the official Czar of Netrunner player rankings, and he also has tons of original content.

The Short Circuit This is the best-looking Netrunner page in the world. You'll crack up when you see his head on the Playful AI graphic. Unfortunately, no new content has appeared here for seven weeks.

NetNetrunner This is a Java client for playing Netrunner in real time over the Internet.

Netwatch Operations Office Karl de Veres will verify the reliability of email card traders for Netrunner. This page is nicely laid out, and offers an easy way to know if you are dealing with a data pirate or a Fixer when you put your cards in the mail.

Good Pages

Frisky's Corner at Cardplace Frisco Del Rosario has apparently taken up some new interest in the game with the coming release of the Silent Impact expansion. He's still nearly impossible to work with, but his excellent Netrunner skills make his old columns well worth your time.

Argi's Netrunner Krumz This page gets frequent updates from the TRC President, Argi Flack.

The Pirate Broadcast U.K. Netrunner fan Sam Dale has created a page with a very useful list of deck archetypes for both Runner and Corporation. Great reference material.

TRAP! Erwin Wagner provides curious readers with a great set of original deck lists. This is the man who won the constructed deck contest on my page. Very creative and interesting for the serious deck builder.

If you know of a site that you would like to see listed here, send me the URL.

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